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Our Main Aims and Aspirations;

 Our "PostMan" Site, i.e the "Ottoman Philatelic Research
 Group"; shall endeavour to shed light on the historical background and
 accumulation of knowledge that the Ottoman Philately has engendered through the years, albeit mostly at personal level. We first wish to bring together allstudents of Ottomanica as well as those of us who have collected coins, postcards, ephemera and all related subject matter in a common fold to further our knowledge of Ottoman Philately in order to support the development of collections of all members who might wish to present a comprehensive display in the future.
 In order to achieve this goal

 1. We shall study the Social but limited History of the Ottoman Empire as well
 as of the Turkish Republic until 1930 (i.e. the latest date until when Ottoman
 cancelers were still in use)..

 2. We shall conduct researches on the Ottoman as well as early Turkish

 3. We shall publish the end result of such researches already mentioned with
 complimentary additions when and if necessary,

 4. We shall strive to encourage all those interested to join us in a Social and
 Cultural Philatelic environment,

 5. We shall promote Displays, Publications, Conferences, Panels, Competitions,
 Fairs, Auctions and all such related activities whether National or
 6. We shall work through Libraries, Archives as well as all such institutions
 which might be a source of information as far as Ottoman Philately is
 7. We shall collaborate with the Turkish National Philatelic Federation; the
 overall co-ordinating organization of all Philatelic Associations in Turkey in
 order to remain abreast of all new developments within our our field of

 8. We shall try to assist in the free exchange of material between members as
 well as in the organization of auctions on all Ottoman philatelic material, old
 books, ephemera including all collectible items related to our field of

 9. We shall try to create opportunities to enforce the sense of unity and
 support between our members,

 10. We shall reward all persons who respect Philately in general as well as those organizations or publications that support and honour such activities in
 order to promote further development in our field,



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